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**Version 3.1:**

 - Updated to Bootstrap 2.3.0
 - Portfolio and Gallery fix (gallery.html, portfolio.html, portfolio1.html, custom.js)

**Version 3.0:**
[Note: There is no major change in older pages. Only change is, included extra CSS and JS files]

 - Updated bootstrap.js to Version 2.2.2.
 - Added 30+ new pages.
 - Added Twitter plugin (All html files).
 - Added easing js plugin. (All html files).
 - Added Flexslider. Flexslider css file and js file included in all HTML files. Image file "bg_direction_nav" added to img folder.
 - Added two new colors (red.css, lblue.css).
 - Support page update (support.html).
 - Service section read more icon change.
 - Footer widgets update (All html files).
 - Lots of design improvements (style.css, blue.css, green.css, orange.css, purple.css)
 - Added Colored testimonials (testimonial.html & style.css)
 - IE Top Border fix. (blue.css, green.css, orange.css, purple.css)

**Version 2.2:**

 - Bootstrap updated to Version 2.2.2.

**Version 2.0:**

 - Font awesome icon updated to Version 3.0
 - Icon fix in Service blocks (style.css).
 - New Pages added - 404, About us, Blog, Features, Resume, Contact, Service, Testimonials (style.css, blue.css, green.css, purple.css, orange.css)

**Version 1.2:**

 - Navigation bar hover bug fixed.
 - Button updated.

**Version 1.0:**

 - Initial Release.


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